Isadore Garlitz and Matilda Elizabeth McKenzie

Isadore Garlitz

Isadore and Elizabeth

Isadore Garlitz

Son of Israel and Ellen (Robeson) Garlitz
Born  August 7, 1847  Died June 23, 1926 See obituary

Married to Matilda Elizabeth McKenzie, daughter of Jeremiah and Catherine McKenzie.

Both Matilda and Isadore were direct descendants of Christian I.  Isadore from son Henry, and Matilda from Henry's sister Anna Marie.

Matilda Elizabeth McKenzie was born March 28, 1853 Link to a photograph of a quilt made by Matilda Elizabeth

1. Ella Cecilia b. March 1, 1884 d. November 14, 1956 m. John McGowan
2. Lawrence James b. Nov. 18, 1874 m. Elizabeth Stark
3. Clarence Ignatius b. February 15, 1876 d. December 1943 m. Minnie Stark
4. Joseph Howard b. October 7, 1878 died as a child
5. Lily b. August 2, 1881  m. John Newman
6. Orvil J. b. Dec. 19.1886 d. 1974 m. Mallia Bardon
7. Wilfred Leonard b. May 2, 1892 d. September 20, 1958 see funeral card m. Nettie Broadwater
8. Rose Florence b. Nov 13, 1895 m. George Winner

Photographs, stories and additional information.
See four pages from Jeremiah McKenzie's family Bible.
Also see letter from Elizabeth Garlitz to Lily Garlitz Newman written in 1923.