Milo A (Hammer) Fougner

Son of Johanna Ovidea Urseth

1905 - ?

m.t. Weighelsei Blanche Rendle    1906 - ? (Rendle Family Genealogy)

Milo was legally adopted by the Fougners after the death of his mother, Martha Urseth Hammer.


Edward Iver Fougner born in 1933 married Agnes Nord. She died 1999


Children of Edward and Agnes Fougner:

Bruce Edward     1955

David Brant     1957

Diane Agnes      1958

Jill Nadine      1963


Letter From Edward Iver Fougner

My name is Edward Iver Fougner (born 1933), the only son of Milo and Blanche Fougner. Milo is the son of Martha (nee Urseth) and Albert Hammer. Martha died during the birth of my father in 1905 and my father Milo Albert was adopted and raised by his aunt, (Martha’s sister), Johanna and her husband Iver Fougner.  

Albert Hammer re-married Edel Nordskow and Albert and Edel had 5 children – Eric, Margaret, Herb, Boyd and Gene. Gene is still alive and living in Bella Coola 

Albert Hammer was born in Eau Claire Wisconsin and moved to Canada in 1894. Iver Fougner emigrated from Norway (Lilihammer) to Crookston Minnesota in the late 1880’s or early 1890’s and moved to Canada in 1894.  

Both Iver Fougner, Albert Hammer and Christian Urseth (with children Martha, Johanna, Ingvald and Anna) were a part of a Lutheran/Norwegian group of about 200 that negotiated a land deal with the Government of British Columbia in the Bella Coola Valley and moved there in October 1894. Bella Coola is situated on the coast of B.C. some 650 km north west of Vancouver 

Mother was the daughter of Edward Rendle and his wife Alice. Edward Rendle served as a Missionary to several Native Tribes along the coast of British Columbia 

My first wife Agnes, now deceased, was a  Nord. 

Christian Urseth, Martha Urseth/Hammer, Albert Hammer, Iver Fougner, Johanna Fougner, Milo Fougner and Blanche Fougner’s remains are all interred at the Cemetery at Hagensborg in the Bella Coola Valley. 

Ingvald Urseth’s (son of Christian) daughter Betty Pringle is still alive and lives in Vancouver. 

Anna (Urseth) (daughter of Christian) and Abel Myrfield’s son Willard is also still alive and lives in Port Alberni B.C. 

I married Agnes Nord in 1955 (d 1999) and we had 4 children Bruce, Brent, Dianne and Jill.  

All for now…..Ed Fougner