The Henry Garlitz Farm

The Henry Garlitz farm is now the Herbert Wright farm (farmed by his son Paul).  It is located due south of Greenville Road in Greenville Twp., southwest of the Salisbury Hunting Club and west of the Clark Yoder farm.  Just north of the Maryland line.  


The original timbers are still visible in the basement.

The view Henry would have seen from his front porch. The Maryland line is a five minute walk south.



Believed to be the Henry Garlitz family cemetery. Two adult lots and five children.

Probably the headstone for Magdalena Garlitz, wife of Henry.



Documents related to the Henry Garlitz farm:

receipts: one    two   The land purchases were made the same year that Henry's father died. 

land warrant  


Henry Garlitz Estate Indenture

It is possible that Henry's father Henry (Christian I) also lived on this property. Hoye writes "Christian Garlitz I, soon after the American Revolution, moved from Montgomery County, Maryland to what is now Greenville Township, Somerset County, Pa. He settled just north of the Maryland line and was one of the first settlers of that township, then well forested and a fine hunting ground. In the census of 1790 Christy Garlick is listed in Bedford (now Somerset) County with a family of five males and three females. Three of Christians sons were Christian, John, and Henry."  Brown writes "-------Garlitz, father of Christian, Henry and John, and two sisters, was born in Montgomery county, Md. During, or near the close of the Revolutionary War, he removed with his family westward and located in the southeastern part of Somerset, (then Bedford,) Co. Pa. Here his family grew up, Henry and John remained in Pennsylvania, and Christian stepping over the line into his native State."     The stepping over the (state) line would have been quite literal if they lived on this same property.