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This site presents the family tree and history of the Garlitz family of Greenville Township, Pennsylvania and Avilton, Maryland, a story of nearly three centuries and a dozen generations. It is a record of birth and death, struggle and success, trial and faith. While it primarily records the line of Christian Garlitz III down to Orville J. Garlitz, as overviewed on this page, other family lines are also included.


Johann Hendrey (Heinrich) Garlitz
BIRTH: 1715, Prussia
DEATH: 1805 Greenville Twp, PA

Marriage - Germany
Wife: Maria Catherine Gerlitz - Birth 1720

Generation One

Hendrey (or Heinrich)(Christian) Garlitz  - Christian I
BIRTH: 1740, Place not certain. By various accounts: Prussia, Berks Co. PA, or Montgomery Co. MD.
DEATH: 1835

Father: John  Garlitz (oral tradition)

Mother: unknown

married: Maria Margareth Hutzel - 1739-1835
1. Marie Magdalene b. Dec. 25, 1759 Heidelberg, Berks, PA m. Philip Hare
2. Henry b. 1760 Manchester, MD d.1836
3. John b. 1768, Manchester, MD   d. 1820  
4. Anna Barbara b. 29 Jun 1768 Maryland or York, PA   d. 1860 m. Henry Durst
5. Anna Marie (Mary) b. 1771 Manchester, Carroll Co. MD m. Douglas Baker
6. Christian Garlitz II b. 1777 Manchester, MD m. Elizabeth Durst
7. Catherine Valentine b. 1779 Manchester, MD m. John Custer


Notes on Catherine Valentine. Catherine Valentine was only recently added to this list based upon unverified LDS records. I add her here as she may be the Catherine Valentine who marries John Custer becoming the grandmother General George Custer. It seems very likely.  

List may not to be complete. Hoye's history records five males and three females, with no names given.

 Generation Two

Henry Garlitz

BIRTH:     c.1760, Manchester, MD
DEATH:   c. Sept 1836, Greenville Twp., Somerset County, PA

Henry served in the Revolutionary War, Bedford County - PA Militia.  He was an original member of St. John's Reformed Church, Salisbury PA

Father: Hendrey (Christian) Garlitz
Mother: Maria Margareth Unknown

Wife: Magadelena Hutzel (or Gerlachen )

1. Barbara b. abt 1784 d.  1861- 69 Ohio or Indiana m. Peter Engle 
2. Jacob  b. May 25, 1787 d. April 29, 1863  Buried Lutheran Cem, Greenville Twp, PA m. Elizabeth Keefer
3. Anna Maria b. July 4, 1789 m. George Klingeman
4.Catherine b. Feb 2, 1793 m. Adem Keaffer
5.  Henry  b. Dec 18, 1795 died at age 5
6. Christian  III b. April 18, 1797 d. 1873 m. Sarah McKenzie
7. Margretta  b. July 28, 1799 m. Casper Haller
8. Elizabeth  b. April 4, 1801 m. Michael Infield
9. Sarah  b. Jan 18, 1803
10. Henry b. Jan. 20, 1805


m. (theory 1)
m. (theory 2)
11. Solomon b. Nov. 27, 1806 d. Jan 27, 1846 m. Rebecca unknown (possibly McKenzie)
12. Eve  b. about 1809 m. Henry M. Hare

Henry had a farm in Greenville Twp., PA., just a five minute walk from the Maryland line. Baptismal records for several of Henry's children appear in St. Johns Reformed Parish Records of Salisbury, PA. At the time of their baptisms, this parish was a union church of the Lutheran and Reformed traditions. In the "History of Bedford, Somerset, and Fulton Counties, PA, 1884, page 551, the original members of the St. John's Reformed Church, Salisbury, Somerset Co., PA listed (among others) Philip Hare, Clement Engle, Henry Garlitz, Adam Fowler (Yowler) and James Boyd. -- (Philip Hare was a brother-in-law to Henry.)  Son Jacob may be the Jacob Garlitz listed as one of the founders of the Reformed congregation in Greenville Twp. PA. Son Henry became a Methodist preacher and son Christian became one of the founders and patriarchs of St. Ann Catholic Mission in Avilton, MD.

 Generation Three

Christian GARLITZ (III)

BIRTH: 18 APR 1797, Pennsylvania
DEATH: 1873, Maryland
BURIAL: 1873, St. Ann's, Cemetery, Avilton, MD

Father: Henry Garlitz
Mother: Magadelena

Married: Sarah McKenzie daughter of Samuel McKenzie. 
Married: Harriet Layman Cleary

1. Solomon
2. Samuel  1816-1880 m. (1) Susan Blocher. (2) Isabel Minke: 16 children 
3. Israel 1817-1895 m. Ellen Robeson
4. John C m. Mary Garlets 11 children
5. Elizabeth  b. 3/20/1822
6. Elinora  b. 7/2/1823
7. Johanna Anna b. 1824 m. Leo McKenzie 13 children
8. Henry b. 1824 d.1903 m. Lucy McKenzie 10 children.  
9. Moses b. 7/8/ 1826
10. William b. abt 1825 m. Mary Unkown

1. Joseph (from Christian III marriage to Harriet Layman Cleary)   m. Ellen Brike
2. One other child died in Ohio.

Several children of Sarah died during an epidemic of scarlet fever. Samuel and Israel lived at Avilton on adjoining farms. John moved to Laurel Hill in Pennsylvania. Henry bought the home farm, but sold it in 1859 to Leo and Jeremiah McKenzie. One of Israel's sons was Isadore, who married Matilda Elizabeth McKenzie; she inherited the old Garlitz farm from her father Jeremiah. Thus the old Garlitz homestead returned to Garlitz hands.

Birth and Marriage records of several of Christians children.

Harriet Layman Cleary, Christian's second wife, was a Protestant. She is probably buried in the Blocher graveyard.

Generation Four


BIRTH: 1817, Maryland
BURIAL: St. Anns, Avilton, MD

Father: Christian Garlitz III
Mother: Sarah McKenzie

Married: Ellen M Robeson b. 1828. d. February 14, 1905, daughter of John Robeson and Margaret Winter

MARRIAGE: 31 MAR 1842, Maryland
1. Noah Sylvester b. 12/22/1844  Pea Ridge, Md  d. 1928 m. Martha E. McKenzie
2. Isadore b. 8/7/1847 d. June 23, 1926 m. Matilda E. McKenzie
3. George Washington b  abt 1851 m.  Mary Newman
4. Francis Marion b. 02/13/1853 m.  Elizabeth Hetz
5. Richard E b. 01/25/1856 
6. Shadrick Elias b. 05/16/1858 
7. Otha L b. abt 1861 m. Anna Belle Durst
8. Mary H b. 1862
9. Enoch A  b. 12/25/1865  d. 09/28/1922 
10. Jesse Aden b. 06/11/1868  Avilton, Md.
11. Ellen Margaret b. 1874 Avilton, Md d. 1910 m. Charles McKenzie

Notes on Israel. 

Generation Five


BIRTH: 7 Aug, 1847, Pea Ridge MD
DEATH: 23 JUN 1926

Father: Israel Garlitz
Mother: Ellen M Robeson

Married: Matilda Elizabeth McKenzie

Marriage abt 1873

1. Ella Cecilia b. March 1, 1884 d. November 14, 1956 m. John McGowan
2. Lawrence James b. Nov. 18, 1874 m. Elizabeth Stark
3. Clarence Ignatius b. February 15, 1876 d. December 1943 m. Minnie Stark
4. Joseph Howard b. October 7, 1878 died as a child
5. Lily b. August 2, 1881  m. John Newman
6. Orvil J. b. Dec. 19.1886 d. 1974 m. Mallia Bardon
7. Wilfred Leonard b. May 2, 1892 d. September 20, 1958 see funeral card m. Nettie Broadwater
8. Rose Florence b. Nov 13, 1895 m. George Winner

Generation Six

Orville J. Garlitz

Father: Isadore Garlitz
Mother: Matilda Elzabeth McKenzie

Married: Malla Bardon

1. Norris (Joe)
2. Inez
3. Paul
4. Leonard Carl
5. Lillian
6. Ellis

Generation Seven

Leonard Carl Garlitz

Son of Orville and Malla (Molly Bardon) Garlitz

married - Hazel R. Showalter

1. Carla Jean
2. Donna Marie
3. Linda Lou
4. Thomas Leonard
5. Mark Alan
6. Lori Ann

Generation Eight

Thomas L. Garlitz

son of Leonard Garlitz and Hazel Showalter

Married Jenifer Yoder


1. Justin Thomas

Who was Christian Garlitz?

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