Magdalena Garlitz Hare

Daughter of Hendrey (Christian I) and Margareth Garlitz

Husband - Philip Hare


Johann Heinrich born January 4, 1779; baptized January 19


Hello Tom,
A distant cousin Sally Stanton Jarrett forwarded me the information regarding your family history site on the internet.  Sally is a descendant of the Garrett County Stantons that go back prior to 1800.  I am also a descendant of this family and am a descendant of one Philip Hare/Haar.  From a fellow named Norm Hare, I obtained some information that this Philip Hare is likely the son of Philip Hare (Sr.) and wife Anna Maria -?-.   The elder Philip first settled in Berks County, Pa. before moving to western Baltimore County, Md.  His children were Christopher, maybe Michael, Anna Maria, Anna Magdalena, Philip and Jacob.  He died in 1772.  Norm also sent me an interesting baptismal record from the Reformed and Lutheran Congregations, Manchester, Md (First Record Book): Johann Heinrich of Philip Herer and wife Magdalena, born January 4, 1779; baptized January 19.  Sponsors: Heinrich Gerlitz and Margaretha. 
If you know where I'm going, we figure our Philip was born about 1755 and his wife was born a few years later.  Looking at your Garlitz Family History, page 2, I couldn't help but notice that there was a daughter born to John Hendrey Garlitz and wife Maria Margareth before 1760.  Judging by the above church record, could Philip Hare's wife and the daughter of John Hendrey be one and the same?  To me it appears very likely.  My Philip went to the Garrett County, Md/Somerset County, Pa. area as well as Henry, the next sibling of Magdalena.  She would then have spent her adult life close to her brother. 
I'll be interested in your response.
Best regards,
Alfred Young