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Orville and Malla Bardon Garlitz


This website contains the genealogy of Malla Bardon Garlitz.  Malla, "Molly", was my paternal grandmother. Her parents emigrated from Norway and she was conceived on the ship on the way to America. (Or so the story goes, the facts do not seem to bear that out. Malla's husband, my grandfather, was a great weaver of tales, and I well imagine that this bit of fabrication made for a more interesting story than saying she was born in North Dakota. ) Her family lived in North Dakota and Minnesota, later traveling on to the state of Washington. It was there that she would meet my grandfather, Orville Garlitz, who had also ventured west. He had met with some "difficulty" and hoped to find a better life among cousins who had earlier left the Appalachian mountains for the west coast. His better life was found in Malla.  Orville had intended to work in the fish markets but found he hated that kind of work.  They would soon return to his home in western Maryland where he went back to the life of a yeoman farmer and where Malla would spend virtually the rest of her days. She deeply missed the home and family she left behind, lamenting that not even the roses were as beautiful as those found in Washington.



Malla Belinda with her mother Isobel Anderson Bardon 1873-1902

Photo 1891

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This website contains the nine generations of descendents of the progenitor Neils Velund.  Some of the surnames included are:

Adams, Allen, Anderson, Bailey, Bardonsdatter, Bardon, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes,Bashlor,Belliveiu, Belin, Benoit, Berg, Bjorklund, Blomgren, Blosser, Boness, Brevik,Brunelle, Burdg, Burnett, Busch, Buzzard, Chan, Chantland, Cheney, Christensdatter, Chrstoffersdatter,Clayburgh, Cleven, Dean, De Lap, Dee Saint, Doherty, Drake, Espeseth, Estenson, Falkum, Fleming,Fosbakk, Fosshaug, Fougner, Furtado, Garlitz, Gartman,Gilbertson,Gjermunds,Gordon, Green, Grundmeier,Grone, Guerts, Guldbradsen, Gundersdatter, Hadsdtr Urseth, Hamery, Hammer, Hampton,Hansdatter, Hansdtr Urseth, Hansen, Hansendatter,Harrington, Hasler, Haugen, Hauser, Haverson, Heieie, Helgeson, Bjorge, Helms, Holliday, Holmberg, Hove,Hullet, Hudson, Hundstrand Handsen, IngebrigtsDatter Berg, Ingold, Jacobson, Jensen, Jones, Johnson, Jonsen, Jorgensdatter, Jorgensen, Jundstrand, Kaland, Kindem, Knutson, Krstiansen Sletten, Larsen, Lawrence, Lawson, Lervold, Levelotn, Lewis, Locken, Lux,Mandigo, Mathiasdatter, Mathiassen, Mostad, Martinson, McHughes, Minghettie, Mitchell, Morensen, Mosely,Moss, Myrfield, Nangle, Neslon, Nestegard, Nestegard, Nicholaisdatter, Nicolds, Nielsen, Nord, Olson, Orseth, Oveson, Overbaugh, Owen, Palmer,Parker, Pearce, Pedersdatter, Pederson,Hansen Urseth, Peters, Peterson, Pickett, Pierce, Post Pudwill, Pusifer, Raffo, Redford, Redmon,Ringle,Reierson, Richardson, Ross, Rusdahl, Salama, Schultz, See, Shreve,Siep, Simonsdatter,Simonson, Sletten,Sovick, Stangohr,Stewart, Stirling, Stoll,Stornberg, Susag, Swenson, Tillman, Tollegsdatter, Torrison, Torsdatter,Turner,Knight, McCleary, Fuller, Giblertson, Shafer, Wood, Hassler, Stirlin, Bogart, Eirikssen, Klein, Martin, Hunt, McGrath, Theriault, Fuenie, De St Cyr, Jeglinksi, Robbins, Haynes, Locken, Kitts, Adamson, Broderick, Martin Urseth,Velund, Vian,Westerlund, Westford, Whalen, Wheeland, Whitmyre, Windh,Wilkin,


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